Christmas, Easter And Bank Holliday Rates Available Upon Request!
Rusheen Cottage Available Upon Request!
The following rates are for:
  • The Butchers Cottage
  • The Coach House
  • Rogagh House
1 Night
3 Nights
7 Nights
  • Long term rentals are available on request!
  • Special rates are available for large groups such as fishermen
  • We have a “reasonable use policy” with regards to power/electricity. Excessive consumption will incur extra charges
  • Pets are welcome
  • If you have any other special needs or any other queries then just call because we’re feckin sound!
  • And if you noticed that the rates are higher on airbnb well look at you Sherlock… it’s because airbnb takes a cut. So winner winner chicken dinner – Book with us direct for the cheaper rate!